Metal Warranty Cards

Ironcards designs and manufactures metal warranty cards.

To retain and further reassure your customers in the event they should have a problem with a product they purchased from you, make your warranty cards of metal.

This will boost your customers’ confidence and interest.
A steel warranty card is also an original, high-end solution for anyone in search of designer communication tools.

Like any other warranty card, you can include information about the product and your customer (full name, expiry date, product serial number, etc.), either by:

  • Engraving them (in which case, we will need a list of the information to engrave); or
  • Writing that information by hand on the white writing strip which we can add for that purpose; or
  • Printing them by your own means.

These warranty cards can just as easily be used as [1}authenticity cards{2]. Do you manufacture luxury / high-end items (watches, clocks, jewellery, etc.)? Give your customers an authenticity card in keeping with the high quality of your products.

Our metal warranty cards are available with different finishes, thicknesses (0.3 or 0.5 mm), colours (silver, gold, black or a colour) and effects (brushed, frosted, sand-blasted, etc.).
Your metal warranty cards will be unique and fully personalizable. Our prices include engraving, die-cutting and one printing colour.

Still undecided? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on how to turn your warranty cards into unique objects which reflect who you are.

metal warranty cards
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