Metal membership card

Are you looking for a quality metal membership card? ironCards offers a variety of original, exclusive and luxurious metal cards.

This kind of card works for all types of clubs, associations, shops or organizations:

  • Private clubs: underground bars, discotheques, rooftop bars, cigar lovers, luxury vehicles, spirits, watches …
  • Sports clubs;
  • Private conciergeries and luxury conciergeries;
  • High-end ready-to-wear stores;

We offer many finishes to create a metal membership card up to the demands of our customers:

  • Black, gold, silver, bronze or color background;
  • Ability to cut, engrave, print;
  • Ability to personalize the cards with the name of the members and / or a member number;
  • Effects: brushed, polished, frosted, prism;

Give your clients a metal membership card they will never forget and live up to their demands.

We offer a selection of designs according to your criteria or send us your creations in accordance with our technical specifications.

Metal membership card for luxury shop

Metal membership card for luxury brand

Feel free to visit our gallery and ask for a free quote.

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