Original business card for architect

Discover how IronCards designed and manufactured an original business card for architect.

How to have an original business card, really original and who contrasts with your competitors? Many try designs and logos made by graphic designers, but few people think of revisiting the concept of the business card itself. By changing the base material of the business card, you are original and your card has a different effect.

original business card for architect

Razor’s Edge, a design and architecture agency that means “razor’s edge”, has found the corresponding business card. This is a metal business card with a silver blade. If this business card is not to put in all hands, especially those of children, we must admit that Razor’s Edge pulls out of the game.

The business card personifies the company just with a sharp visual. A brilliant idea to reproduce, but watch out for cuts.

If the cutting side dissuades you, ironCards has a wide range of metal business cards that you can discover in our gallery. Ask for your free quote.

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