Metal business cards

Make a great impression!

First impressions are important! Make a strong, lasting impression with metal business cards. It has been said that the advent of digital media means the end of the business card. Ironcards gives them a second wind!

Imagine a business card which reflects who you are, which conveys an accurate image of your personality and which will mark your contacts over time. Thanks to their substantial, living appearance, our metal cards will give your contacts a sense of solidity and precision.

Dare to use the most beautiful finishes!

Ironcards offers several sorts of high-end metal business cards made of stainless steel, with a raw or aluminium finish, tinted black, gold or a colour.

We also offer a wide array of personalized effects on our metal cards. Thanks to our precision tools, we can engrave, pierce, print, cut, etc., to your specific measurements, for the best possible look.

Like them, treat yourself to Ironcards

Many clients, including major retailers and brands, trust our steel and aluminium business cards: La Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches de Paris, Eiffage Métal, Blend Hamburger restaurant chain, and the list goes on…

Please don’t hesitate to request a free quote here.

Metal business cards with a silver finish

Steel business cards with a black finish

Metal business cards with a gold finish

Steel business cards with a colour finish

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